Introducing A "30-Day Transformation" Program


I'm READY To Improve My Life! 

Let me ask you this

Do you feel stressed, angry, or overwhelmed?

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns?

Do you have people that bring out the worst in you?

Are you asking what is the meaning of your life?

If you answered YES, You are not Alone

Maybe you expected by Now to have that perfect relationship

Or live in that beautiful home...

Have a much bigger bank account

You thought your body will not gain weight or start hurting after so much neglect

If so, let me ask you another question...

Have you found yourself escaping from reality with drugs, alcohol, sex or even overwork?

Or maybe you took it a step farther and tried yoga, energy healing and some self-help workshops and books…

That made you feel good for a short period

Until the emotional pain came back…

Nothing seems to last or truly fix the problem

And you ask yourself...

Is life supposed to be hard and painful?

Or did you already accept that as your reality?

If you are reading this far....

there is a part of you that believes there is another way

And in this 30-Day Program you can...

Why Invest in another program

or another healing modality if others didn’t last?

I hear you

I’ve been there myself

Having a tough past like you, I hoped for a better life

I had experienced control, verbal, physical and sexual abuse just like you

and I ran across the world hoping to start over...

I did everything in my power to get straight A’s

I even got a scholarship to a business university that gave me the hope I needed to run away and build my dream life

I closed my heart and made learning, working, and making money my only priority

and did not allow anyone to come close because I was ashamed of my past

I thought that if they only knew my past hurdles...

they will run away

So, I would push people away before they got a chance to do so

I even managed to begin a life across the world in beautiful America, where all dreams come true

Have you ever run away from your past to another city, state or even country?

I did a great job at that...

only to find myself in an abusive relationship all over again

As much as I wanted a better life, pain was familiar to me

Have you been in an abusive relationship?

If YES, I’m sorry

I know the feeling of guilt and shame

Yet the thought of breaking free is even more terrifying

because deep inside you never healed the little child’s heart

and believed that you are worthy of love just like everyone else

Just like you I’ve tried everything...

Yoga, Meditation, self-help Books, NLP, Hypnosis, integrative Nutrition….you name it

and everything seemed to be a quick fix

I knew there had to be another way

I knew there had to be another way...

There had to be a way to keep the lessons from the past and let go of the pain

To clear those blocks and allow more abundance in my life

To heal my heart and attract more love

I became obsessed to master every method I came across and find a better way

And I made a promise

that if I can heal my past wounds

I will make it a mission to help others do the same

And that’s how I discovered

The Soul Healing System

A unique method that helped me release the emotions from the root cause

And this is what I’m sharing with you

As you know...

Every hurdle you’ve been through from the moment you were born until now left an imprint on your body, mind and soul

Every painful memory become a magnet attracting the same things in your life repeatedly

That’s why we repeat the same patterns....

The same painful experiences...

Because that is familiar to us

But if you remove that magnet on the subconscious level

you can truly free yourself !!!

Imagine living in a world free from your past pains

Ask yourself…

-What would it look like to live a life without being triggered by others?

-What would it be like to have a healthy body and energy to do the things you love?

-What would it feel like waking up with a big smile on your face because you love your life?

It sounds magical my friend, doesn’t it?

That is what I want for you

When you don’t clear the negative emotions from your past

-it can show up as weight gain or even physical pain in your body

-it makes it hard to trust others or believe in love

-it blocks the money flow in your life

-and even your ability to feel happy

I invite you to this "30-Day Transformation Program"

of the Soul Healing System

that will help you release the negative emotions from the root cause

most likely being from the womb to first 7 years of your life

My beautiful soul

It’s time to release the weight you’ve been carrying

to free yourself from the mental jail and trust again

to attract loving relationships in your life

to feel good and happy for no reason

By applying the soul healing method in the 30-day transformation program

You will notice your prosperity and abundance increase

Because when you clear blocks that are holding you back…

You make space for better things to come into your life

You deserve to be successful

You deserve to feel good

You deserve to be loved

That is your birthright my friend

Join me on this 30-day journey

that will transform your life as you know it

Here's What You're Gonna Get...

  • 4 Deep Healing Sessions ($2000)


  • ​Access To The VIP FB Group ($300)
  • Coach Accountability For 30 days ($500)
  • A Love and Healing Tip in Your Inbox (for 30 days) ($300)

$3100 Value NOW for Only $99

Is there a specific timeframe for the program?

I know you’re busy, so you can go at your own pace

How long will I have access to the program?

It’s yours to keep and use it anytime you need it

Is it hard?

This is the easy part my friend, you just sit back and allow me to guide you on your journey to an even happier you

What if it doesn’t resonate with me?

You have a 30-day risk free guaranteed

Claim your power back Today because tomorrow might be too late

This is an easy and simple investment in you

When you invest in your happiness you tell the universe to bring you more of the same thing

You know that everything is energy

And when you say Yes to you

You claim your power that you deserve the best

Join the 30-day program NOW and expect the best

The special price of $99 expires tomorrow

Your Soul Healer Veronica Parks

Veronica Parks is a Soul Healer, Wellness Coach, and founder of VP Exclusive. She teaches people to bio hack their mind and body to live healthier, happier lives. Using a holistic approach, VP Exclusive has proprietary methodologies and proven systems to increase emotional wellbeing and dramatically improve people’s lives. 

Veronica's journey began on a small farm In Moldova, a tiny country in Eastern Europe. She grew up suppressed under communism; her family struggled through poverty, but always had healthy, real food to eat.

At the age of 10 she was sexually abused and set a goal to escape the suppressed land of her ancestors and be FREE.

Veronica Parks is now living in California, happier than she has ever been and has brought with her a culture of Health, Nutrition and Soul Healing. 

With deep expertise in Integrative Nutrition, Neurolinguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, Energy Healing and many other modalities VP Exclusive is dedicated to help people heal from the inside out.

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